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Welcome My Friends,

With this web site I hope to provide stories that are both enjoyable to read and helpful to those of you wishing to learn more about the Indian way of life and the stories that have been retold for generations among the Indian People.

Some of the stories you find on my site may not be good for children to read. However I chose to include them because they are a part of the history of the Indian Tribe they are told by. Therefore adults please read all stories on my site before allowing your children to do so.

Also I will try to provide the correct spelling for all the Tribes on my site and to provide The Tribe name for all stories if known to me. However please remember that The stories are centuries old and Tribe names may have become lost along the way.

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Let me take a moment to explain why I chose a site about Indian life and their lore.

I am one quarter Cree Indian and find the history of my mothers' people fascinating.

However, You will not just find stories about The Cree Indians on my site. I have chosen to share the stories of several Tribes, As I firmly believe "We Are All One Family"



The Father Will Pity The Least One: ( A Sioux song:)

My father has much pity for us,

My father has much pity for us.

I hold out my hands towards him and cry,

I hold out my hands towards him and cry.

In my poverty I hold out my hands toward him and cry,

In my poverty I hold out my hands toward him and cry.



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O' Tunkashila


O' Tunkashila (God) Na-shu-eh (I am Here). he cried. as a gentle breeze blew across the green summer grasses.

Na-sha-eh. Tunkashila . Do you see me?

He stood at the owan kawakan (Sacred Alter), arms lifted towards the heavens.

O' Tunkashila Na-shu-eh. he cried, Na-shu-eh. Tunkashila. Do you hear me? I am one of your people. A great sorrow has found our land. A wanagi (Ghost or Spirit), a being without color. he comes Tunkashila in great numbers.

He kills our mishunaka (brothers)the buffalo. takes his hide and leaves our mishunaka upon the land to rot.

O' Tunkashila, Na-shu-eh He cried, Na-shu-eh Tunkashila. Do you know me? I am one of your people.

The wanagi ones destroy our villages and kill our people. The women and children must run and hide, so that they will be safe.

O' Tunkashila, Na-shu-eh. he cried Na-shu-eh Tunkashila. Do you feel me? I am one of your people.

What is it that the wanagi ones want? They take our lands, they imprison our people. all in your name they say in their wanagi tongue. O' Tunkashila, Na-shu-eh he cried Na-shu-eh Tunkashila, Do you need me? I am one of your people.

I vow revenge on the wanagi ones, in the name of our mishunak the buffalo and your people.

who shall stand with me? Tunkashila, I ask for great strength for our warriors for we are few and the wanagi ones are many.

O 'Tunkashila, Na-shu-eh he cried Na-shu-eh Tunkashila, Do you love me? I am one of your people.

My mishunaka and I go into battle. If I die a great honor it would be to die for your people.

O' Tunkashila, Na-shu-eh he cried, Na-shu-eh Tunkashila, Will you take my soul if I die?

I go now, the time has come. I ride with my mishunak.

Lifting his head up towards the heavens, He chanted, O' Tunkashila, We are here, He cried, Na-shu-eh, Will you spare me? Will you spare my mishunak Tunkashila?








This site is in the loving memory

of my mother, her father and

all my Cree ancestors that went


- Smoky




If you enjoyed your visit to my site or if you know To what Tribe a certain story may belong, or if you have a story you would like to have me include on my site.

Please feel free to E-mail me.  I will be happy to hear from you. But please understand that I may not be able to answer back for awhile as I receive a lot of E-mail.



Na-shu-eh: ( I Am Here):

I walk through time unending, have done so since time began.

Do you see me? Look closer at the beauty of this land, for in it I can be seen.

Can you hear me? Listen to the sounds of nature For there I can be heard.

Can you feel me? Reach out and touch nature. For there I can be felt.

Do you love me? I am left with mixed emotions on this one. An answer only you can give.

Do you think you know me? no I'm not Utc'tsiti (God) But alas he created me as he did you.

Who am I then? I am the wanagi (spirit) of this beautiful land.

Na-shu-eh, Always have been and always will be until time ends



Note: I chose to give the Cherokee, Native American and Sioux stories I included on my site, a page of their own do to the large number of stories available.